Youtube popular videos not updating

20-Jun-2019 03:18

You Tube subscriptions is helpful for You Tubers to get important information about the videos.However, many users have encountered You Tube subscriptions not showing problems.They said subscription list only keep on loading, but is really not showing on the home page.

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A small delay is normal but you can always check the Video Manager from your You Tube account to be sure there are no complications or conflicts.

Again, You Tubers have spoken about encountering this snafu time and time again, asking You Tube for more transparency with what’s happening on the site.

Many You Tubers rely on the revenue made from Ad Sense income on daily videos to support themselves.

On Twitter, Keemstar alleged that the issue with videos not being sent to subscribers had to do with demonetization, which was met with agreement and frustration from other You Tubers, like Pew Die Pie.

Pew Die Pie noted the big problem with this predicament was losing the “spring launch effect on the video.” It’s unclear if demonetization plays a role in this issue, but Polygon has reached out to You Tube for comment on the situation.

This might not be a global problem for You Tube but sure is affecting a lot of users who are ranting about it on Twitter.

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