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(Your discovery process might include informal legwork or formal discovery tools like subpoenas, interrogatories, document demands, requests for admissions, etc.) The method you use for enforcing your divorce judgment depends on the type of order (e.g.property or support) and the terms of your divorce Judgment.An experienced attorney also should be able to help you determine whether it makes financial sense to try and enforce your Judgment.If the costs would ultimately outweigh the rewards, enforcement may not be an option you want to pursue.

If you didn’t include specific language or you’re enforcing a court order, you may have a number of enforcement options available.Enforcing a judgment in California can be extremely difficult for many reasons.These reasons include, among others, evasive and/or broke exes, uncooperative third parties and technical legal procedures.Happiness is a choice, and whenever you choose to make it, I will be here to support you.

Untying the Knot, the founder and CEO of Divorce Dating, Author of The Pre-Marital Planner: Your Complete Legal Guide to a Perfect Marriage, and a co-founder of and partner at Ziegler & Zemsky, LLC.If your ex isn’t complying with a child support order, you may be able to use the enforcement services provided by your local Child Support Enforcement Agency.

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