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Common usage: "Let's bentch" or "I already bentched." Blech ― The covering for the stove top, usually made of sheet metal.

This avoids some of the prohibitions against cooking on Shabbat. Common usage: "It's time for the children's bracha," or "This beautiful day is a real bracha." Challah ― Bread traditionally used on Shabbat, often braided. Chollent ― A Shabbat stew, usually served for lunch Shabbat day (Saturday after shul). Common usage: "I'm late for davening," or "It was so nice to daven." Devar Torah ― "Word of Torah" (sometimes called a vort, Yiddish for a "word").

Many of the women I've worked with readily admit they don't remember how to flirt or see why they should.

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Truth is, being uncomfortable is a natural reaction to dating over 50.

"And they’re not going to compromise.” Years ago, there was a rush to get married and to have a family.

Now people are still growing up in their 30s and living at home with their parents.

Are you dating over 50 and struggling to find love?

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Perhaps you tried online dating, but didn't have any luck and feel turned off now.

Motzei Shabbat ― Saturday night, after Shabbat is over. Sefer Torah ― The handwritten scroll containing the Five Books of Moses. Shalom Aleichem ― First song at the Friday night meal, welcoming the visiting "angels." Also a greeting, meaning "Peace be with you," answered with "Aleichem Shalom ― And with you, peace." Shavuah Tov ― Literally, "Good week," said to one another at the end of Shabbat. Washing ― the ritual cleansing of hands before the blessing over bread. ") Usually performed with a two-handled washing cup, pouring water over each hand, followed by a blessing.

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These small appliances are attached to and actually service each individual solar panel so that their orientation to each other does not matter much at all.… continue reading »

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Open your mind and soul and let the adventure begin!… continue reading »

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David Jumper, who is a Miccosukee Seminole; Administrative Assistant, Ms. Its core work is the reconstruction of families and Clans, that is, extended families bound by blood and fictive kinship, from throughout Seminole history.… continue reading »

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