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He wrote in to the magazine in his typical eloquent manner, "Her [writer Daphne Merkin's] only original contribution is her conclusion that Courtney was of more value as an icon of pain and self-destruction than she is as a complex, evolving, and healthy human being—a conclusion that is sexist, intellectually shallow, and spiritually bankrupt.In the end, Courtney's achievements will speak louder than any of her critics."In 1996, tragedy overshadowed Norton's new-found success.

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In the meantime, the producers of a Hollywood courtroom thriller were struggling to find a co-star for actor Richard Gere, who was threatening to walk away from the film.

Salma, who's been happily married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault since February 2009, admits to the magazine that she wasn't always this lucky in love -- in fact, she says she was "desperate" at one point.