Validating a new survey

08-May-2019 16:44

Every Voice Counts is the first time in Canada residents in all care facilities were interviewed at the same time using the same survey.

The survey had a pilot project in May and June 2016 and was completed between September 2016 and May 2017.

The report also examines abortion patients' insurance coverage and method of payment used.

Dix said that his top priority will be ensuring the recommended standard of 3.36 daily direct-care hours.“Reaching that threshold allows us also to respond to other recommendations” in the survey, he said.

Anne Kang, Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors, said she’s been meeting with seniors and heard from them many of the concerns that are identified in the survey.

However, Fontaine said the new Ministry of Health seems to have “a genuine interest” in improving seniors’ care.“I’m hopeful that they’ll take our recommendations and also the seniors advocate’s recommendations and build that into the upcoming February budget,” he said.

Health minister Adrian Dix commended the massive efforts by the Office of the Seniors Advocate and care home residents and staff in producing the survey, which he said will be an important tool in improving the residential-care system.For example, population-based surveys, which are used to obtain information about many aspects of reproductive and sexual health, do not adequately measure the prevalence of abortion, and only about half of abortions provided in the United States are captured by these types of surveys.