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06-Apr-2019 00:05

I lived in a disorganized mess of coded notes (and often couldn't remember the codes) before I found Password Wallet. Google today released a new version of its Gmail app for i OS devices, and while not listed as a new feature, the update introduces support for the i Phone X, Apple's newest flagship device.I want a simple interface for application names and serial numbers. The i Phone export functionality was the final justification for buying an i Phone.""Love the new look of v4 -- I held out on the upgrade until there was a solution for the i Phone. Looking forward to an Apple SDK for the i Phone so you can create a REAL app!:) Thanks for this, though -- I've been lost w/out PW on my i Phone (it was the only thing I missed about my Treo)!Now, its important to note that there are only two chapters on Objective-C in this book, and so you might find it a little bit difficult at first, but nothing that practice wont be able to even out. Everything is now animated; things are subtly moving around, sometimes without the user noticing these shifts and turns and twists.What’s important to note here that this is a cookbook, which in other words means that it will be looking mostly at new functionality that has been implemented in i OS 7, and so previous knowledge of Objective-C might be necessary in order to fully understand it.You were especially helpful in recovering my data after I bought a new i Pod, and the Apple Store told me that everything would sync, but it didn't (only the app itself, no data). We have to remember so many different passwords now that I don't know how anyone can maintain any sense of security without many different passwords. ""It is the most effective, easiest way for me to store my passwords. I was holding off buying any other password program for the i Phone after reading that a version was coming out. ""Yes, I tried the combination of Password Wallet plus the App for the i Phone and it is working great together, changes on both sides where sync perfectly. I am looking forward for future updates.""The interface looks SIMPLE and that is a plus.

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Not only did you fix that with this upgrade, but you entirely Cocoa-fied the whole app. 3 in Nov 2006, but wanted to purchase the updgrade because it looks and works so great I didn't want the free upgrade - all the hard word deserves more - I appreciate all the work. I only bought the new version to support your work, because there was no reason to upgrade because the software is already stable and has all the features I need! ""Password Wallet has been with me for as long as I can remember needing a secure memory of my pass codes. Most of what I try to install on this mac G4 cube w/OS9.2.2 just does not work, and/or makes other apps. I'm less of a traveller; I wanted a way to hold login credentials in an encrypted format and something somewhat portable.He recommended PW.""I love this app and have used it for a couple of years on my i Pod. and I'm happy to finally have it on my i Phone as well.""Password Wallet for i Phone is genial - I have been thinking about it today and tonight I received news that it does exist!!! ""Thanks to Password Wallet I have tracked my myriad passwords for years, always knowing they are safe.

It will finally allow me to put my Palm III to rest - now I need to buy the i Phone... Now, with Password Wallet for i Phone, I have access to all of this sensitive information - with no worries that others can get to it. ""As a fellow shareware author I have to say "Well done!

" You have found the perfect trial peroid balance with Password Wallet. I found Password Wallet a while ago, thought it was great, bought the Palm version also.

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