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The organisation has provided charities with food for more than 363,000 meals in the past year and is now supporting 89 charities to help meet demand.

A total of 4,270 people received food every day last year from the charity – up from 2,780 in 2012.

Those affected by homelessness are still the highest beneficiaries, but the number of children and families receiving help through breakfast clubs, youth centres and community cafés has doubled in the past year, now accounting for a quarter of all people receiving help.

JJ Tatten, of the Goodwin Development Trust, said: “These official figures confirm what we’ve known for some time – that the issue of food poverty is a rapidly worsening situation in our region due to the emergence of the plight of the working poor.

“This, coupled with the perfect social storm of unemployment and benefits cuts, has resulted in soaring dependency on Fare Share food.” Fare Share Hull and Humber is part of the national charity Fare Share, which supports 1,296 charities and community projects across the UK and has provided them with enough food for one million meals a month in the past year.

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“We then hand out food parcels to those who need them in the area.1) Can you confirm that the DVLA has made an arbitrary decision that membership of the BPA automatically fulfils the "Reasonable Cause" safeguard.(Since Rupert Williams and UK Parking Control were committed to stand trial at Hull Crown (trial date 5th September 2011) for criminal breaches of consumer trading laws in respect of their business operations "The reality is that, from beginning to end, it is extended over 40 years.

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