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With more volunteers and donors by your side, the process of becoming a nonprofit will seem like less of a burden and more like you already have nonprofit status.

Everything is better with a friend by your side – or in this case another nonprofit.

All the SFW stuff you see on Orsm now flows daily on to your favourite social network.

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In a world where money doesn’t come quite so easily, starting a nonprofit with no cash can be a challenge. These steps will help you determine the needs of your nonprofit and solutions to finding the money necessary to achieve your mission.

Once you have filled out the necessary paperwork, it is important to know what you’ll need to file at tax time each year.

Every performance, song they sing, and dances they dance areeeee very much apprecaiated, I am craving for moreeee. MYGHAAAD I CANT HELP MY FEELS HAHHAHA When I saw a vid about 'The second lead who get the girl' I remeber that there was Dream High there and since I thought Sam Dong is the Main male lead here I thought that hye mi will end up with jinguk, I waited for that for until the very last moment and it happened that Sam Dong is what they called "second lead" there hahaha regardless of that, this drama is superbbb I love the love triangle between the teachers HAHAHAHA I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO TEACHER YANG LOL @podado : IMO, you should totally watch the first one it was amazing, the plot, the acting and the music were on point I can see it's the best high school dramas film to dated. She only cries or smiles when she is with her close friends. Malibu, in case you haven't noticed, but Suzy is acting as a proud girl who doesn't show her feelings easily. That is because she doesn't want her weakness to reveal to everyone. I'm not here to debate or discuss why you should watch this drama.… continue reading »

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