Sqlcachedependency not invalidating cache dating flirt site in usa

09-Jul-2019 09:54

Caching increases your application's performance, scalability, and availability.The more you fine-tune your application's caching approach, the better it performs.Not only can you pick and choose the tables that you want to remove from the process, but you can also disable the entire database for SQL Server cache invalidation.

The database can optionally be specified using the connection string with the -c option instead. If you want to enable your databases for SQL cache invalidation and you are working on the computer where the SQL Server instance is located, you can use the following construct.

Notice also that the text "Page created at" includes an updated time indicating when this page was rendered. The preceding example shows how to use SQL Server cache invalidation for a single table on the ASP. What do you do if your page is working with two or more tables?

To add more than one table, you use the Scott Hanselman is a co-author of Professional ASP.

By Scott Hanselman Performance is a key requirement for any application or piece of code that you develop.

The browser helps with client-side caching of text and images, whereas the server-side caching you choose to implement is vital for creating the best possible performance.

Direct notification of changes are a built-in feature of SQL Server 2005 and are presented via the ADO. Note the name of the connection string because it is utilized later in the configuration settings for SQL Server cache invalidation.

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