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16-May-2019 05:45

That's all the federal government needed to know, and I wasn't going to share any more. It was because we live in a free country where innocent people are supposedly protected from unwarranted government intrusion and harassment.

At that point the agent yelled out, "We have another refusal." One of my bags was seized and I was momentarily detained and given a hand-swab, which I believe was to test for residue from bomb-making materials.

As a companion piece to yesterday's story of an ACLU attorney who was peppered with nosy questions at Burlington International Airport comes the tale of a Michigan journalist who took offense at this new approach to "security" and declined to play along.

So, if you've been wondering just what would happen if you told TSA officers to take their 20 questions about your summer vacation and shove them where the sun doesn't shine, read on. That's when the mental alarms went off and I realized I was being interrogated by Big Brother in drag.

It never reached trending on Twitter, but it did become a popular search term on Google.

The meme is regularly referenced here on Le Miiverse Resource Wiki, both on the wiki and in chat.

She explained that the questions were part of a new security "pilot program." I then told her I am an American citizen, traveling within my own country, and I wasn't breaking any laws.

It is also referenced on Miiverse as "f bees", "frick bees", or other variations of the censor, as "fuck" is obviously not allowed to be said on Miiverse.

It's hip to fuck bees x2 I like my bees in fucks suits, I fuck bees on TV I'm fucking bees 'most everyday and fucking bees They tell me that it's good to fuck bees, but I fuck bees I know that it's crazy, I know that it's nowhere There is no denying that It's hip to fuck bees x3 So hip to fuck bees Fuuuuuuck beeeeeeees x13 It's not too hard to fuck bees, you see it everyday And those that were the farthest out have fucked bees You see bees on the freeway, It don't look like a lot of fuck But don't you try to fuck me; "A bee who's time has come." Don't tell me that I'm crazy, don't tell me I'm nowhere Take it from me It's hip to fuck bees x4 Tell 'em boys (Bees, bees, they're everywhere Bees, bees, so hip to fuck bees Bees, bees, they're everywhere Bees, bees) x4 *gets shot* ● Alfonzo ● Arrow Meme ● Bigley/Bigleyism ● Bikini Day ● But it's better than the update!

The regular Honeyhive Galaxy music started up the level, but it started slowing down and eventually stopped.

Then, out of nowhere, in kicked Fuck Bees, which angered Vinny because he liked the original Honeyhive music.

At first, the video was very obscure, only garnering a couple handfuls of views.

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