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), every vocal on here sounds like amateurish garbage.

Nasal Mike Love has never had the most beauteous voice in society, but back in '61 when his ego was only about 15 times that of a normal human being (as opposed to the quadruple digits it would soon reach), he sounded just hideous.

Pet Sounds convinced me that Brian Wilson was a genius; the only problem with him was all those goofy surf songs he wrote.

I'm glad I eventually discovered that there was life for the Beach Boys AFTER Pet Sounds because I would have missed some good music and I would still think the Beach Boys are weaker than Coors Light.

I remember Endless Summer in the 8-track and on the turntable when I was young.

For some reason, somewhere along the way, the Beach Bums were relegated to oldies status and prime purveyors of wimp rock.

" (I was sure there'd be something in there about the lymph vascular system - FIE! It's just like Heaven when you completely steal every element of the song from another major hit single of the day). Pardon me a moment while I rest my Play-On-Words organ. Now pardon me a moment while I rest my Play-With-Turds organ! The actual Brian Wilson-written songs on here are mostly (though not ALL) okay.It worked for a little while, but not a long while!As we enter the summer of 2002, Brian is feeling a bit better, Carl and Dennis have both passed on, Al Jardine is starting up some new beach band that is poised to topple Staind right off the FM dial and Mike Love is STILL dragging a bunch of people you've never heard of around the world as "The Beach Boys," showing about as much respect for the band name as Paul Revere of the revered Paul Revere and the Raiders has shown for the name Paul Revere and the Raiders.He made them practice constantly before introducing them to a producer who said they could record some tracks in her living room or some crap, and here are those tapes! Bruce Johnston was a few years away, but he would have been 17. But vocal harmonies will only take you so far when your lead vocals are quivery, out of tune and constantly threatening to make the mic erupt into ear-piercing amp feedback (just TRY to sit through "Judy" without your ears growing little skin flaps that shut closed and lock until the song is over and the waves in the air are less vomitous and disturbing.).

And aside from a couple that appear to be sung by Brian Wilson, a young man with a very nice full-bodied, friendly voice ("What Is A Young Girl Made Of" is simply ADORABLE - especially considering it's an awful song!Guitar had that Chuck Berry feel, but learned - not FELT, you know? The focus is on the great harmony vocals, but it's hard to listen past the uncomfortable lead singing to enjoy them.