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To say that he was angry about being recalled to the Enterprise on a priority one alert, abruptly teleporting him away from what promised to me a most memorable weekend without warning, would have been a gross understatement.

William glowered at the crewmen he passed, shouldering his heavy duffel bag and trying not to think too hard about the smooth skinned Delta beauties lounging on the artificial beaches of the Vulcan moon base."Today of all days," Riker grumbled.

It flickered to life, displaying a still image of a four meter monolith of jet black stone."No," Riker turned to Troi for confirmation. Theorizing that it was some form of archive of knowledge the Vulcans transported it back to their home world for more To date, no previous archeologists or scientist has every been able to access the pillar's internal systems.""No archeologist? "We have heavily armed, angry, confused and probably frightened man in the Vulcan archives. " The Klingon tapped the display screen, shifting the image to a summary of the Vulcan archeologist's wounds along with a security camera's footage of the giant's rampage.

"I've never heard of it."The councilor pursed her lips in thought, "It's an old proverb isn't it? He is trapped in a room only accessible via teleporter and is doubtless under the impression that he is our prisoner.""Is he? "This man crippled one man in an attempt to kill three. Do we not have an obligation to enforce the laws of the federation?

In the grim darkness of the future there is only war.

But what happpens to a Space Marine when he is stranded in a place where his unique set of talents are neither needed, desired, or valued by humanity?

"Of all the luck."He rubbed at the fabric of his uniform, smoothing it out where it creased from having been shoved into the bottom of his duffel bag, and tapped his neck to check that his rank pins were still firmly fixed in place as he walked into the turbo lift.

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William Riker had a hangover that could have gutted a bear.

Wounds inflicted by disruptor weapons consigned someone to a slow and excruciatingly painful death."Are you perhaps familiar with the Pillar of Antiea? Any attempts to age artifacts from the ruins of Antiea are purely speculative. Trans-warp devices are wildly unpredictable.""It's impossible to know, the side effects from temporal or inter-dimensional travel are virtually indistinguishable from each other even in the immediate aftereffects thereof." Data shook his head.

Last month at the New York Food and Wine Festival’s Burger Bash, women dressed in short skirts and leather were looking for meat — and not just the kind that comes nestled in a potato bun.… continue reading »

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Infections are categorized based on the part of the body infected. It may result in small blisters in groups often called cold sores or fever blisters or may just cause a sore throat.… continue reading »

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The sexually explicit conversation takes place between two or more persons via telephone, especially when at least one of the participants masturbates or engages in sexual fantasy.… continue reading »

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