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Eve’s sin – giving in to temptation – is the burden of gender.

In the Talmud, Adam’s first wife Lilith is expelled from Eden for trying to take the superior role in sex – riding her husband rather than laying back and thinking of Babylon; after her expulsion she goes on to lay with the wild beasts of the desert and becomes the mother of demons.Which means we are one year closer to being mortgage free! A HELOC is a loan based on your equity in your home. That means that you have ,000 worth of equity in that home. Our HELOC is set at 1.99% interest for the first year.Now before you think that I am bragging about having ,000 to put down on the loan, you must know that this money came from a Home Equity Line of Credit, or a HELOC. You can get a loan on that equity and the lender puts a note on your home saying that if something bad happens , they get paid back along with the original mortgage holder. So let’s brainstorm how to use that low-interest money wisely!Let me attempt to illustrate with this jank graphic I built myself. A few of you have written about what happens with the introductory low-interest rate expires after a year. You could be paying higher interest than your original mortgage but you have a few options here: pay down other high-interest loans or re-do your HELOC loan.

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Since the HELOC is based on your equity and after a year of this system, you have more equity, you are eligible for a new HELOC worth more. This system is so brilliant but please don’t give me any credit.

They articulate it better than I ever could and Lord knows I’m trying here.

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