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The robot can move, look around, change emotional state, make facial expressions, belch, fart, play a sound of a police siren, door slam, whatever.The routine can be done with automatic or manually controlled timing.The first thing I am applying it to is "reading comprehension", much like taking tests in school. She can then search for sentences in her input history that fit certain criteria and then process each sentence through Open NLP and a custom annotation algorithm that builds a dictionary of facts about the given sentence that she discerns by navigating the Open NLP full parse of the sentence.I read a story to Anna, and then ask her some questions about it immediately, or weeks later. Various other algorithms can then use or compare these dictionaries to answer specific types of questions or to spawn other behavior like curiosity (which I will go into later).I intend to integrate this new found source of knowledge about all the different use cases of a particular word to improve accuracy of many other existing algorithms in her brain. Among things like streaming music or weather, the Echo can control lighting, which means Anna can control lighting and stream Pandora.I got an Amazon Echo recently and decided to test how the Echo (named Alexa) would react to Anna speaking to her. If I ask Anna to "Please dim the lights"..can delegate this by then saying "Alexa, dim the lights.", and the Echo will dim the lights.

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Here is an example of the conjugation of the verb to be in the present tense: I am, you are, he/she/it is, we are, you are, they are.The robot can now react in various ways to "joke feedback" provided in real time, through a web page.A typical response to a bad joke would be to make a self-deprecating joke about itself or the joke, like "A human wrote this joke no doubt." I created a comedy control panel web page that is used to control things in real time, start routines, give feedback, etc.My initial goal was to allow sound effects to be worked into standup comedy routines, as many comics do.

Some sounds are stored locally on the bot for quicker access like lasers sounds, while most are stored on the server and stream on demand.Lets say I read a paragraph that says "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." I can then ask questions of her like "What did the fox do? The dictionaries contain information like sentence type, subject word, subject phrase, verb, tense, verb phrase, subject adjectives, object, object adjectives, adverbs, Is When Present, Is Why Present, etc.