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His two katanas don't cooperate, catching on the Plexiglas, stalling him mid-torso. The cabbie grabs Deadpool's hand and pulls him through to the front. Dopinder is remarkably UNAFFECTED by the lunatic in his cab. Deadpool's head rests upside down on the bench seat as he maneuvers his legs through. I usually leave them right by the door so I'll trip over them! DEADPOOL'S LAIR - DAY 2 A blind late-70's AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN in a purple floral dress enters the front door, falls as she trips over an `I *HEART* HELLO KITTY' DUFFEL BAG of AMMUNITION, PICKS it UP, and CARRIES it OFF.

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The other man stomps on his head, then drags him up and SMUSHES Deadpool's face into the seat's premium trim.

Rifles through a tourist booklet and tears out a HAUNTED SEGWAY TOUR coupon. Been waiting one thousand eight hundred twenty- two days, three hours...