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25-Jul-2019 10:08

Their hatred of Trump or anything associated with him is truly disturbing.

Consider this: A CNN political analyst attacked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

We never spent a night together and there is a lot of guilt on his part; he is terrified of being found out.

I have had another sexual relationship with a married man whose wife knew he slept with men and they had certain rules what he was allowed to do with another men; although I knew his name I never knew his surname, email address or mobile number.

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It’s obvious some journalists and news outlets have gone completely off-the-rails.These men determined same-sex sexual activity did not challenge their heterosexual identity because:[v] In tally, the men interviewed reported that if sexual activity between men was anonymous, experimental, occasional, or if substance use was involved, the act was not “gay.” Finally, while there is conflicting data, it appears that non-gay identified MSM engage in high levels of drug and alcohol use.[vi] Many in fact engage in sexual activity with other men as a means of obtaining financial resources to procure such substances. Harawa et al, Sexual Behavior, Sexual Identity, and Substance Abuse. My friend Bruce and I were walking down the street, he slipped on a banana peel, and when he landed somehow his dingaling just happened to end up in my rear. Self reporting always creates highly unreliable sometimes nonsensical results, as seen in the studies mentioned in the article.