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22-Jun-2019 01:09

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Changes in seasonality insolation caused by the precession cycle (modified by eccentricity) are asymmetric and less important for the global response, although they cause profound changes in regional climatic differences. In the Holocene, the precession cycle and the obliquity cycle are almost aligned so that maximal obliquity and maximal northern summer insolation are almost coincident at the beginning of the interglacial about 10,000 years ago. Available data indicates that despite significant changes in GHG concentration in the atmosphere during the period of 10,000 to 600 yr BP, their contribution to temperature changes cannot have been important. (2004), CO concentrations measured in Antarctic ice cores decreased from 267 to 258 ppm between 10,000 and 6,800 yr BP, and afterwards increased more or less linearly to 283 ppm by 600 yr BP, just prior to the LIA (figure 38).… continue reading »

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