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(Those of you who know me, know that I prefer life-size robots anyway.) But I did have a TOTAL BLAST! ____________________________________________________I think that the ground hog saw his shadow, so that means there will be another six weeks of winter right? Only problem is that I would only use it once a year.And I did do some shopping and picked up some high-traction wheels for my sumo robot. (I just hope I don't glue my fingers together again! My mom lives in NJ and she says it has been snowing nearly every week this winter. Kind of like a lot of the props, uh, i mean "ROBOTS" that I have built for the Riverside Robot Expo. ) ---Now I've had this crazy thought that just won't go away.--Thomas____________________________________________________This is the December 2013 issue of Robots and Androids!Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please build a robot, just like that! working on getting my "hoverboard" to run remotely so that I can put Robot Betty9 on it and let her run it.CLICK HERE TO READ HIS LATEST BLOG THE CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF ROBOTICS (CIR), THE VERY FIRST COLLEGE of ROBOTICS ENGINEEERING, WILL OPEN in the SUMMER of 2016.

They will be doing (in Star Wars costumes) light saber mock battles during the Expo! This Robot Expo is starting to get, as my daughter says, GINORMOUS! Click HERE to Read That Interview Later this month we will have an article on robot surgery mishaps and a review of the EZ-Robot V3. I hope they will be doing better than that in the future. I'm in full Robot Expo MODE and that means too little time for robot building. The web page was already there, but had text for a different article. The RCX Expo (Radio Control & Hobby Expo) is a great place to learn about the latest and greatest RC toys and accessories.

The head of the company, Elon Musk, has put the excitement back into the space age! It's no bigger than my palm, runs about 5 minutes on a charge and is way too much fun!

Lookout NASA, you might just become yesterday's news! The TV show “Biggest Nerd” has asked me if I know of any bright young (over 18) robot builders to compete on the show. At our Riverside Robotics Society, we had a great Christmas event with Santabot doing all his "Ho, ho, ho's" and Robot Betty9 singing Christmas carols.

Well, it seems our electronic chauffeur-slaves, the car-driving robots, AKA Tesla Model S with the Autopilot, have begun killing people. Public has always been fearful of the so-called "robot uprising" and finally it has begun. Tesla themselves say that a driver running Autopilot must, in spite of the fact that the robo-driver is making all of the decisions, have both hands on the wheel and his eyes on the road. I can take or leave Facebook, but still I learn a lot about robotics as it happens.

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Now, self-driving cars are purported to be safer than human drivers, but that has not been proven. Now I don't know about you, but just the name "Autopilot" might cause more than a few people to assume that a computer with a few sensors can safely drive a car for them. Recently I learned that many Facebook people are so very afraid of life-size walking humanoid robots. The robot that I, myself am most afraid of killing me is the Google car. It senses the environment, calculates where it will drive you and controls every aspect of the car--and YOUR SAFETY. And you literally put your life into Google's hands when you ride in any car without a steering wheel.

We got to see two of their robots, one of which won a fantastic prize in the "Robot of the Month" contest.