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In the judgement the CAB officer writes: “In accordance with the provisions of Section 300 of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act 2005, I hereby decide that Mr John Gilligan is not entitled to payment of Jobseekers Allowance from 20th February 2017 on the grounds that he has failed to make a full and frank disclosure of his means and circumstances.” In a lengthy and bizarre rant online Gilligan moaned that foreign nationals enter “our country and get Job Seekers Allowance with the click of a finger”.

"These people are not questioned how they were helped out financially or where they were fed for the last three years,” he claimed.

The officer also wanted details of who he stayed with in the UK.

In his reply Gilligan said he had travelled to the UK to get this detail but the people would not provide this detail.

Today police vans blocked that entrance as thousands again walked up and down the famous boulevard.

The criticisms are similar to those made following the attack at London Bridge in June.

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau (pictured) said 'protocols were revised' following the meeting with police chiefs The City Hall's Local Security Board met to discuss the proposed measures with the local police force the Mossos d'Esquadra, the National Police, the Civil Guard and the fire service.

In his recent interviews with CAB officers the 64-year-old said he expected a “whip around” following his release but this was not forthcoming.He said that prisoners sometimes get a “whip around” when they leave jail but this was not forthcoming in his case.A final decision was reached and sent to Gilligan on June 14.Furthermore Gilligan recently lost a Supreme Court appeal to hold on to some of the assets seized by CAB following a decades-long battle.

He subsequently left his rural hideout at Jessbrook before it was seized by the state last month.

A second interview was conducted with Gilligan on on May 9 after the criminal had given a number of written responses to questions.