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23-May-2019 12:35

This disgusted him because it was racist and went to Carl for help.

Steve's boss agreed to treat his employees equally and use their knowledge to make the company better after being threatened with arrest.

It was revealed that he likes coming over to their house more than his own because he sees Carl and Harriette as the loving parents that he should've had. Herb and Diane Roberta Urkel have nothing but the utmost contempt for him and do their part to avoid him at all times. It was also revealed that, although nerds themselves, Dr and Mrs.

Urkel are very shallow people and prefer Stefan's company over Steve's any day.

Naming a few: how to swim, how to drive, how to ride a bicycle.

Even though Carl yells at Steve a lot, he cares for him. Turning into Bruce Lee helped him escape thugs and bullies.

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Steve has asked Carl to do a lot of things for him.He first appeared in the episode "Laura's First Date." As a boy, Steve was incredibly smart but annoyed everyone around him.

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