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Interestingly enough, his older brother’s name was Sigmund.

Alfred seemed to view Sigmund as someone who was always ahead of him, a true “first born” with whom Alfred felt he could never catch up.

Adler was a sickly child and suffered from rickets and fits of breathlessness.

His illness as well as the death of his younger brother Rudolf, when Alfred was about 4 years old, seemed to strengthen his goal of becoming a physician. According to Carl Furtmueller (1946), Adler met Raissa at a socialist political meeting and was very impressed with her.

This publication associated the health problems of tailors with the unhygienic conditions under which they worked.

“Adler’s purpose in was clearly not to provide a dispassionate, scholarly tome.

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In his theory, Adler stressed the unity or indivisibility of the person, and thus he named it Individual Psychology.

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The term “individual” was used to focus on the whole individual at a time when others, like Freud, were focusing on a divided and therefore conflictual personality.

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In other words, the word ‘individual” differed significantly from Freud’s concept of duality where everything is in conflict, such as the id, ego, and superego or the conscious, subconscious, and preconscious.

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