Playfire trophy card not updating

17-Jun-2019 15:07

To obtain a PS3 Trophy Card from the website, you must: 1) Have a PSN account2) Sign in at Playstation.3) Obtain a portable ID4) Go to PS3 Trophy Card Generator and create a card.

"if gameplay means nothing and its all about the all means get this game. Question - what game is the hardest to achieve Platinum?This is a Top 50 leaderboard for Playstation 3 trophies for members on Lowyat. All I need from you is a PS3 Trophy Card that can be obtained from PS3 Trophy Card Generator All trophy cards are accepted except manually updated trophy cards to prevent cheating.However, it is recommended that MMOS PS3 trophy cards is used for the purpose of this leaderboard as users can see what trophies you've got as well as when you've got them.Easiest plat everlol I don't play Blitz either. I wonder who is at the top in the Malaysian Leaderboards... @hairy LGSprob bro Forbidden252 and Shadow Prince are among the guys on the Malaysian Leaderboards.

Well, I played the first one on the PS2 but not the second, that was my friend's. Oh yeah wakdesman from another forum also got around 7-8 plats already.I know you can manually add trophies in the old one but not the new automated one. Don't worry the Liberty City Minute trophy is very well attainable on one's first play through without having to rush like a mad man...