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05-Jul-2019 23:50

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In minutes Pastor Kevin handed the stage over to the praise and worship team.

The thunder of the organ, drums and tambourines took over. They ran, jumped, leapt with the same vigor as their heterosexual counterparts.

A woman who stood up and identified herself as a lesbian had also been lured by the pride festivities.

She said wanted to go higher and higher in the Lord.

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During the week I discovered a gay Pentecostal church I bought a pink New King James Bible at Barnes & Noble for .99.

Their rendition of “Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down,” stood out the most.

At one point, a baby-faced handsome young guy wearing a lavender shirt and had been on the worship team got the Spirit.

To make sure I didn’t have to stand up and say my name, I pulled into the church at 4 p.m. He fit the look and speaking style of every Pentecostal preacher I had heard since the days of my youth.

Sure enough, the church met in a place called the Buchanan Center – the Flanner and Buchanan Cremation Center, a funeral home. The congregration was one of the more multicultural ones I’d ever attended, mostly white but a high number of blacks and Latinos all mingling among one another without separation.

And while I had decided not to cut my hair anymore, it would be months or even years before it grew out enough for that choice to become obvious.