Liquidating distribution taxability Free chat and sex cam peru

16-Apr-2019 08:30

The tax embodied in the price paid for the assets may be credited to the trader over a period of years corresponding to the life of the assets.

APA -- See: Advance Pricing Arrangement APPORTIONMENT METHOD -- One of the methods used to allocate income and expenses between related enterprises using a formula consisted of some factors such as sales, property, or payroll.

ACCRUAL BASIS (ACCRUAL METHOD) -- An accounting method whereby income and expense items are included in taxable income or expense as they are earned or incurred, rather than when they are received or paid AD VALOREM TAX -- A tax on goods or property expressed as a percentage of the sales price or assessed value ADMINISTRATIVE COMPANY -- See: Service company ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES -- Expenses that are not as easily associated with a specific function as are the direct costs of manufacturing and selling.

It typically includes expenses of the headquarters office and accounting expenses.

AUXILIARY COMPANY -- Company which is part of a group of companies and which supplies auxiliary services to group companies.

to obtain profit from the application of tax rules).

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