Linked cells in excel not updating

04-Jul-2019 10:55

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If you open both workbooks in the Excel client application and update the source cell, the destination cell is updated immediately.

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Instead of importing the data to SQL Server, is there another way to query an Excel file using SQL Server tools? (Note: you can download the Excel files and code here) Next, create a new Linked Server pointing to that was just created.

Next I highlighted all the same cells with numbers in them, then on the Home ribbon bar, under the number section, I chose the drop down which was showing text and changed it to number.

The centring remained and the cells were now being treated as a number again.

However, when the column is set to Text and then I go edit (F2 then 'enter') the cell it magically aligns back to the middle.

This would be great except for the fact that I don't want to have to do this for each individual cell. Is there any way to correct the alignment of all the cells in the column without going to each one individually?

I am trying to automatically update certain information (such as names, dates and numbers) across 3 different Word documents by putting the data into a spreadsheet and linking to the respective cells from Word.