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22-May-2019 06:44

Villaraigosa, of course, famously had an affair with former KVEA anchor Mirthala Salinas while still married to his wife; Villaraigosa eventually split from his wife and later Salinas as well. And although your relationship didn't last long, it had a permanent impact on your image and reputation as a politician. but that's because your most serious competitor was a right-wing nutjob. TV station, and have covered the Mayor -- as recently as Sunday night, reporting on the possibility he's dropping his plans to run for Governor.Salinas left the Telemundo station after being reassigned because of the relationship. And now, you're still pondering a run for Governor, so whaddyuh do... You were dating the Mayor, yet went ahead with that report anyway.With a nod to "Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update," I think this brings us to an edition of... you go ahead and start dating another high-profile newscaster, just to remind everyone of how disappointed they were in you the last time you did it. (Do you have inside knowledge that he has no plans?Plus, this all comes out the same month your picture with the word "FAILURE" underneath can be seen on newsstands and in grocery store checkouts across Southern California (via Los Angeles mag). This is the time to let this relationship go public? Perhaps he wouldn't be hanging out with you in Larchmont book stores if he was plotting a run?

Corsini also was responsible for what many in the Los Angeles media world have dubbed the "The Post Game Laker Sex Report".At the time, the romance and ensuing scandal helped tarnish the Mayor's first term in Los Angeles.The ethical and conflict-of-interest issues related to a journalist dating someone they cover in their job also helped deflate the once rising broadcast TV career of Salinas.The story of their relationship broke yesterday when an employee at Los Angeles TV station KNBC-TV happen to be in a bookstore over the weekend and snapped a picture of the Mayor and his new girlfriend out doing some weekend shopping.

The NBC affiliate in LA ran a story claiming Lu was the Mayor's new girlfriend.Corsini ran KCAL-TV for years, then oversaw and ran the combined KCAL/KCBS TV duopoly.