Kerry dating dating a white witch

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"His dark eyes - were they green or brown or hazel?

- skittered around until they came to rest on her high black heels.

"We were sitting at one end of the long dining room table and suddenly we were feeding each other and kissing, and all over each other, and undressing each other and plates were falling on the floor, food was everywhere, you know, our usual combustible frenzy, and then he carried me to the bedroom," she writes.

Asked by her friend what happened next, Nikki says: "We made mad, passionate love and he immediately fell asleep." The unfortunate Nikki, however, almost dies as the senator lies snoring while she goes into anaphylactic shock from eating shellfish.

Since April 2012, Washington has starred in the ABC drama series Scandal, created by Shonda Rimes, as Olivia Pope, a crisis manager who runs her own crisis management firm called Pope & Associates in Washington, D. In this position, she works for high-profile figures, most notably the President of the United States, who is also her on-off lover.

The show has been a commercial and critical success, and has been called one of the most talked about drama series on Facebook and Twitter by Buzz Feed.

Although her Mills and Boon writing style will not win rave reviews, readers are treated to an "insider" account of the senator's bachelor days.

Nikki describes the first time she met Sen Hoyt at a Democratic fund-raiser.

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If John Kerry came across as stiff and awkward during his bid for the White House, then a very different picture of him is emerging - as a silver-tongued womaniser - in a book to go on sale this month.His gaze moved slowly up the length of her body until they met her eyes.

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