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The other Siebenburgen citadels are located in the towns of: Bistrita For hundreds of years, this walled town in the heart of Transylvania was one of the most powerful and prosperous strongholds in Europe.

Surrounded by imposing walls, Sibiu's original fortifications included 39 defensive towers, five bulwarks, four gates and five artillery batteries.

Address: Piata Mare The north side of the Great Square is dominated by the Roman-Catholic Church .

This beautiful baroque structure with classical decorations was built between 17.

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First mentioned in a written document in 1411 as a grain market, the Great Square – the largest square in the city, has been throughout the centuries a quiet witness to the town's lively merchant activity, assemblies and even public executions.

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Three 15th century towers have withstood the test of time: Harquebusiers' Tower was the site of Sibiu's first theatrical performance, staged in 1778.The riches amassed by its guilds paid for the construction of both impressive buildings and the fortifications required to protect them.Sibiu's Old Town retains the grandeur of its earlier days when rich and powerful guilds dominated regional trade.The tower was attached to the nave in 1738 and one year later, a cross was seated on the top.

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The completely renovated interior is magnificent with gold-laced walls and colorful ceiling frescoes.

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