Isotopes elements used radioactive dating

11-Jun-2019 20:20

Fortunately for geochronology the study of radioactivity has been the subject of extensive theoretical and laboratory investigation by physicists for almost a century.

The results show that there is no known process that can alter the rate of radioactive decay.

It is also used to make heavy-duty electrical contacts.

Iridium was used in making the international standard kilogram, which is an alloy of 90% platinum and 10% iridium.

Smithson Tennant also discovered osmium at the same time.

Iridium’s name comes from the Latin word ‘iris’, meaning rainbow, because many of its salts are highly colored.

Radioactive decay can be observed in the laboratory by either of two means: (1) a radiation counter (parent atoms.

The particles given off during the decay process are part of a profound fundamental change in the nucleus.

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He found it in the residue left when crude platinum had been dissolved in aqua regia (a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid).

In this analogy, the apples would represent radioactive, or parent, atoms, while the oranges would represent the atoms formed, the so-called daughters.

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