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In the Attribute Inspector of Map View, check the “Show User Location” option.By enabling user location, the map automatically shows the current location of the user. Normally you don’t want to display the current location in such scale, but zoom into the particular area. First, we create an outlet in “My Location View Controller.h” and establish a connection with the Map View.// 4: This is to check whether the restaurant pin to show was already shown before on the map view.If it’s new annotation, then add it, if not, then reuse the current annotation in the map view API will programmatically select the specified annotation and display a callout view for it.

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Here is a quick demo of what you gonna do in this tutorial. Always inside the // Ask for user permission to access location infos location Manager = CLLocation Manager() location Manager.request When In Use Authorization() // Show the user current location map View.shows User Location = true map View.delegate = self Before accessing the user’s location information, you need to ask for user permission.

We also showed you how to convert the GPS coordinate into an address.

However, the best way to show a location is to pin it on map. It lets programmers easily work with the built-in Maps and pin a location.

The Map Kit framework provides an interface for embedding maps directly into your own windows and views.

This framework also provides support for annotating the map, adding overlays, and performing reverse-geocoding lookups to determine placemark information for a given map coordinate.

So in such context, the maps app is clever enough and doesn’t need further specifications.