Invalidating a session using session id

28-Apr-2019 23:45

This specification was produced by the IETF/W3C XML Signature Working Group (W3C Activity Statement) which believes the specification is sufficient for the creation of independent interoperable implementations; the Interoperability Report shows at least 10 implementations with at least two interoperable implementations over every feature.

Patent disclosures relevant to this specification may be found on the Working Group's patent disclosure page, in conformance with W3C policy, and the IETF Page of Intellectual Property Rights Notices, in conformance with IETF policy.

For further information, please see Security Considerations (section 8).The XML Signature is a method of associating a key with referenced data (octets); it does not normatively specify how keys are associated with persons or institutions, nor the meaning of the data being referenced and signed.