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29-Jun-2019 09:34

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When was the last time a pop video became a global talking point?

Lady Ga Ga’s all-singing, all-dancing, lesbian-prison-sex and mass-murder promo for Telephone has stirred up the kind of pop sensation not seen for a decade or more.

The Beatles were among the pioneers of the genre, when they realised they could send clips to US television shows rather than cross the Atlantic in person.

In 1965, they shot 10 black-and-white promos in one day at Twickenham film studios.

If there have been few serious objections to this descent to the bottom of the barrel, it is probably due to a law of diminishing returns.With roots in the New York underground, for Madonna there was always a more conceptual artistic thrust, with an attention-grabbing bent towards the provocative and controversial, emphasising sex and transgression.