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11-Apr-2019 10:13

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Topical Creams: Creams that contain the active ingredient Capsaicin may stop the pain signals from reaching your brain. Herpes nerve pain and leg pain is extremely common among genital herpes sufferers, and yet sufferers report that doctors largely remain ignorant of this side effect.In fact, one such cream is used specifically for post-herpetic neuralgia related to shingles, another herpes virus. A simple Google search will return tons of posts from people with herpes experiencing the exact same herpes nerve pain.The feeling is of a muscle and skin tenderness that makes the skin surface extremely sensitive to touch.Some describe it as an “electrical shock” sensation.Comfort: For immediate relief, you should of course avoid touching or lying on the area or wearing restrictive clothes.Taking a shower or lying still with a heating pad may also help.

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Herpes nerve pain is under-recognized by doctors, but many people living with the virus report this unusual symptom.

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