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My thanks are due to General Horace Porter and the Honorable Charlemagne Tower, LL. To the east and to the west, huge, craggy mountains shut in a thickly wooded plateau, diversified by clear, rapid streams abounding in fish.D., ambassadors of the United States to France and Russia respectively, for investigations in answers to inquiries, and for suggestions ; to Dr. The fastnesses in the hills even then were covered with romantic ruins of decayed strongholds of feu- dal times, reminiscent of the days of the Black Douglasses and their men.of him as of the great Conde : ' This man was born a captain/ " His place among the great sea kings as a strategist, a tactici an, a nd a fighter is now un- questioned by the most calumniou Tof his defamers ; but the wound he inflicted upon British pride still rankles after the lapse of more than a century, and his professional status and personal character are still bitterly aspersed. I have devoted some space to the old charge that he was a pirate, which was renewed recently in an article in the London Academy, one of the leading journals of England, and I trust that the reader will find that I have finally disposed of that absurd statement, and the other slanders con- cerning him, in these pages. Wherever it has been possible, without clogging the narrative or letting it assume the form of a mere collection of letters, Paul the sailor, like Paul the Apostle, hath been permitted to speak for himself. — Superseded in rank — protests vainly AGAINST THE INJUSTICE — ORDERED TO COM- MAND the Ranger — hoists first American FLAG 6l VI. The calumny was refuted not only by its antecedent incredibility, but by the testimony of persons in position to affirm as to the high personal character of Jean Mac Duff Paul and by the loving and tender family relation- ship she ever sustained to her husband and children. It may be noted, by the way, that the Earl of Selkirk was not conspic- uous for ability or anything else, and if it had not been for a subsequent exploit of Jones' he would have been forgotten long since. 3 He first saw the light on the estate of Arbigland, in the parish of Kirkbean, in the county of Kirkcud- bright, a province once called the Royal Stewartry of Kirkcudbright (pronounced " Kircoobree "), be- * cause it had been governed formerly by a steward or deputy, appointed by the crown, of which the county had been an appanage.Contrary to some of his biographers, I have made it a rule to accept Jones' own statements unless they were controverted by adequate evidence. — The first cruise of the Ranger — salute to the American flag 77 VII. The father of the subject of this memoir filled the modest situation of a master gardener, a pre- cursor of the modern and scientific landscape gar- dener, or engineer, in a small scale, in the employ of a Scots bonnet laird named Craik.Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. THIS STORY OF THE LIFE OF ONE OF THE GREAT FOUNDERS OF THE REPUBLIC IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED TO GEORGE CLIFFORD THOMAS, A NOBLE EXEMPLAR OF ITS CITIZENSHIP. In preparing this work I began, I admit, with an ardent admiration for John Paul Jones, born of long study of his career. — Honors and rewards — quarrel with Lan- DAIS — RELINQUISHES THE ALLIANCE . — In the Russian service— Otchakoff and THE CAMPAIGN IN THE Ll MAN . — Slandered in Russia — a Slavonic reward FOR FAITHFUL SERVICES 39O XX. In spite of, nay, because of his achievements, he was among the most calumniated of men.Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. I have endeavored, how- ever, so far as possible, to lay aside my precon- ceived opinions and predisposition in his favor, and I have conscientiously gone over the immense mass of material bearing upon him, de novo, in an attempt to be absolutely and strictly impartial. What follows is an attempt to tell his story and to do him justice.Google This is a digital copy of a book lhal w;ls preserved for general ions on library shelves before il was carefully scanned by Google as pari of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

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This will account for a lack of amplification in certain direc- tions, and for the omission of details of certain periods of his life which, were the circumstances other than they are, would probably be treated of at greater length. ix enough appears in the pages to complete the picture and exhibit the man. It is to the credit of Master John Paul, Senior — evidently a most honest and capable man in that humble station in life into w r hich it had pleased God to call him — that he forsook the tavern and clung to the garden.A public domain book is one thai was never subject to copy right or whose legal copyright term has expired.

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