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25-Apr-2019 04:53

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Considering that he's recommended it for someone like Greenwald, who's going up against the NSA’s uber-hackers and supercomputers, Snowden’s “Margaret Thatcheris110%SEXY” is only a “borderline” secure password, says Joseph Bonneau, a postdoctoral cryptography researcher at Stanford who has published papers in several academic journals on optimizing password security.

“Just because something’s a phrase and it’s longer, people get fixated on that,” he says.

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"If I were in Snowden’s position giving Glenn Greenwald advice, that’s what I would have instructed him to do."One thing that Bonneau suggests that absolutely no one should do: Take Snowden’s advice literally and use the actual password “Margaret Thatcheris110%SEXY.” Any password that’s even been mentioned just once online may already be added to password-cracking programs, which would make it trivial to crack.Credit cards, bank accounts, social media, email…the list goes on and on.All of us have these online accounts with login details we can’t keep straight.For that sort of application, Snowden's Thatcher passphrase works fine, Bonneau says.

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But for offline password cracking, say, on a seized computer, an attacker can try passwords much, much faster.

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