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28-Mar-2019 19:21

The new law aims to promote the sound and efficient delivery of financial advice, and to encourage public confidence in the professionalism and integrity of financial advisers.The Financial Advisers Act (FAA) will make financial advisers more accountable for the advice they give.Enhanced security measures put in place will limit the information displayed when transferring data from the IRS to the FAFSA. Eligibility for some state grants is determined by the date of FAFSA filing, so file early.

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Educating kids about making health and fitness an active part of their daily lives can be an important part of learning to set good goals.young girls who will soon be adults but are still kids right now.And being kids, teens and tween girls can be both adventurous and bored at the same time.The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed in order to qualify for any financial assistance.

Students receiving assistance from outside or non-RSU sources should bring their award notification from the outside source to the RSU Office of Financial Aid.

However RFA's within Iconic Financial Ltd follow the same disclosure regime, practices and principles as an AFA so you can be assured of quality advice.