Failed while updating the boot sectors for disk

23-Jul-2019 10:28

failed while updating the boot sectors for disk-63

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Periodically, the Virus Scan Enterprise forum receives request for a Command Line Scanner or API for . Usually, this is done to scan files 'Uploaded' to a server or such.A couple of points: 1) If Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) is installed and running, this should not be necessary.Contact Mc Afee directly to see if this API is available.Alternatively, I would suggest the Command Line Scanner instead.- - - - - - - - - - Command Line Example(s): Assume name=Scan @echo offrem Please use with caution, add error checking, assume responsibilityrem for the following code segment. Scan All files (or files in subdirectories) specified at batch file Make sure a parameter is specified, such as C:\Upload\ or C:\Upload\AFile.exerem Note: Direcories must be specified with an ending \ Scan %* /ANALYZE/ALL/CLEAN/DAM/NC/NOEXPIRE/PLAD/PROGRAM/SUB/STREAMS/UNZIP/THREADS=4/TIM EOUT=15/APPEND=C:\Mc Afee\Logs\/EXCLUDE=- - - - - - - - - - Exclusions to scan. From the Scan example above, create an file,in the same directory as (as the example specifies).

failed while updating the boot sectors for disk-90

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/ALLOLE : Treat all files as compound/OLE regardless of extension.

/APPENDBAD : Append to bad file rather than overwriting. /DECOMPRESS : Converts avv*files and creates file : Must be done by itself /DEL : Delete infected files except archive files. see KB68314 : The program performs a standard digital signing check of the engine binary prior : to execution. /NORECALL : Do not move files from remote storage into local storage after scanning. /STREAMS : Scan inside NTFS streams (NT & DATAPOL Only). TXT &:: works In the second line, /BADLIST has 2 spaces before BADLIST. Instead of a space, use the = character, which seems to work and is more clear.

/DOHSM : Scan migrated files(hierarchical storage management). If the computer is not connected to the Internet, this check can fail : unexpectedly. Without a connection to the Internet, : files like mcscan32will fail the digital signature check. /NOBKSEM : Prevent scanning of files that are normally protected. /NOBREAK : Disable Ctrl-C / Ctrl-Break during scanning. /NODECRYPT : Don't scan password-protected MS Office documents. /NOEXPIRE : Disable data files expiration date notice. /NORENAME : Do not rename infected files that cannot be cleaned. /PLAD : Preserve the last-accessed time and date for files that are scanned. /SUB : Examine any subdirectories in addition to the specified target directory. * Mandatory I included a couple of 'semi-undocumented' options. - - - - - - - - - - Improve Performance by creating (cache) file.

As such, it can be configured as needed without compromising the primary defense using VSE.

failed while updating the boot sectors for disk-68

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Also, Mc Afee CLS has logging and exit error codes relevant to the programmer or systems/security administrator.

Feel free to use the examples, but you must assume all responsibility for any actions, losses, or problems encountered.