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The friends, sisters Neisha Menzies and Jeneice Anderson, said Elkie Jean-Philippe told them the couple was constantly arguing and she feared for her life.

Lesly Jean-Philippe returned at some point Wednesday unbeknownst to his wife and barged into her apartment shortly after 10 p.m., police said.

Gordon, smacked in the head with the tire iron, managed to escape.

Police whisked away Elkie Jean-Philippe's unharmed 5-year-old son, who was clutching a pillow.

Gordon, 22, fled to a bathroom as she bled from her head injury. At one point, Gordon ran from the apartment crying for help, an arrest report said.

Neighbors Greg and Kacey Baxter said they heard Gordon scream for anyone to call 911 and mentioned that someone was in the apartment she came from. Schmitt said the husband had no local arrest record and there was no local record of previous domestic violence involving the couple.

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It sounds horrible and very bloody from the reports, but they have the responsible party, the husband, and hopefully he'll go away for a long time.

Whilst I was away in England last week there was a murder at the apartments where we live in Jacksonville.