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07-Apr-2019 04:19

Most good graphic editing programs can do convert between the different color spaces such as GIMP or Photoshop.

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These two options are not compatible due to e Bay’s functionality of freight listings.

In addition, confirm the Listing Rules Template has the Max Qty To List set higher than 0.

This is found at the bottom of the Categorisation & Listing Rules tab.

If it is, to the Naming & Visibility section of the product details and change the Brand value and try listing again.

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To fix, you will need to convert the image to the RGB color space and upload the image to your product in Neto.

In the Services, if you have selected Calculated by e Bay, you will need to select the e Bay shipping service from the dropdown menu. Make sure the Qty In Stock for this product is a positive number, or if don’t need to count stock for this product, you can set it as a virtual product.