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Low-EQ individuals are often somewhat aware of it and will therefore downplay the importance of emotions, saying that what really matters is cool, calm logic and cognition. Dogs are social animals with a wide range of emotions and emotional displays. The fact that it took you so long to study EI does not mean its hard. Believing that you are loved unconditionally by a deity and other human beings (also known as faith) and meditating on this helps EI. It could be a quality like Reason or a physical object like cash. I believe you need very high IQ to learn and teach spirituality.

Take a look at one of the author's indicators of low EQ... Which depend on EQ to make a disparity work, but not in the way the author thinks.I do have high EQ by genetic default, it has ALWAYS been a double edge sword (it made me feel OLD by age 5) and now at age 37 I see myself becoming more stoic and less caring simply because the years of having to piggy back everyone else's emotional immaturity and selfishness has taken its TOLL. And unless someone who knows about EQ comes up to them and says 'You lack EQ etc' they will never even realize they don't have it.You don't need EQ to survive and/or thrive in this society. Certain ways have to be followed while handling people with Low EQ.

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Alan Garvornic who is a successful business leader, innovator and entrepreneur with over 32 years of real life, hands on experience in achieving results has provided evidence-based recommendations for managing that situation when you are working with people having Low EQ. People with low EQ are generally grumpier and generally respond in an unpleasant manner. According Alan Gavornik one has to try to gain their trust by being the voice of reason and developing a reputation for being logical rather than manipulating them emotionally. People with low EQ have low sympathy with others that is the reason that they are generally politically incorrect. So with that said, most dog owners are obnoxiously narcissistic with LOW EQ.If we feel sorry for ourselves, ie infected with victim mentality, then we're always looking for slights.

Elizabeth and I followed the familiar corridor to our office, which was a moderately sized room with a large square table in the center and a small brown desk in the back.… continue reading »

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