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In such minutes among birds' singing & trees' rustle I have a feeling that I am the only person on this Earth. You can transfer money to our currency invoice intermediary Bank: SWIFT Code: ALFARUMM Alfa-Bank, Moscow Beneficiary's Bank: Acc. I called in the American embassy, they have advised me to take the visa of the tourist, This visa B-2, she (it) is valid during 90 days.

But this feeling disappeared quite quickly as the morning turns into bright day. 30112840000000000060 IMTB, Moscow Beneficiary: Acc. 9747-3640-2270 Beneficiary name: Agency MPlease, send the copy of the payment assignment to the name of the director of the agency. Would you like to receive your letter translated by our interpreter to Russian back? She (it) costs (stands) 220 dollars, but I now do not have such money.

And than the adult's authority will be indisputable.

It is very necessary to have more real attention to children.

Because you are their friend and it is very important thing. And there is a very important for sons to have their father as a close friend!!!

I understood from your letter, that you are very happy person!

It's difficult and terrible to imagine the" start", it's hard and painful to forget the "finish." But we are still alive and we must improve ourselves, we must move ahead. Ben The day before Easter we are able to give your girl Alena Phetisova with courier's servises these kind of surprises: holiday paskha small-20$ middle-30$ big-40$ Easter basket(pie, painted eggs, chocolate candies) small-70$ middle-90$ big-110$ Bunch of flowers(roses-30$, orchids-40$)So readers of this site, be careful with agencies from Lugansk in general, and in particular with GLAMOUR906090 and Mrs. I have a great time when reading this site which should be observed by much more people.

I feel so, because you have wonderful sons, an interesting job, you know what you have from your life, and you are able to make all people near you happy. All these days I was not able to write to you but I have been thinking about you. You have brought sense to my life to everything that I do know. You are such an interesting personality and it is so pleasant to communicate with you!!!

Omar Hayam said "It's better to be alone then next to anybody who ever comes" You are so far a way from me; you have your morning coffee and start deepen into your problems and business,but I'm here and I feel so lonely. I think that the most difficult thing in this life is to begin something. After the second letter I knew already that these letters were only preparations for the final request: MONEY.

Population under 15: 17.8% Population over 60: 20.6% Number of men per 100 women: 87 Life expectancy (men): 64.7 yrs Life expectancy (women): 74.7 yrs Adult literacy: 99.6% Fertility rate (children per woman): 1.2 Urban population (per 1,000 population): 68.0% This is the book that will change the way you look at Internet dating.

It will boost your success rate with Russian women in an instant.

Very often the day brings me meetings with my close friends & interesting plans connected with the job. Just in these days I can do almost everything what I want & what I like to do. That's why it's always a special day for me when I & my friends have a picnic somewhere in the forest or near the river. I feel myself especially happy when it's me who organize it. If you can, have gone them to me through Western Union, the address of branch: When you will send money you necessarily write ten numbers of a remittance.