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30-Jun-2019 12:44

If the rule had been effect since 2009, the 44 missed finishes would have been reduced to just 15. It’s unlikely that this ‘problem’ was losing the league a discernible amount of fans or money; this was just a move made to improve the viewer’s experience.

Oh, and we’re talking purely in Eastern Time, by the way. The NFL gets it, and this is part of the reason why its the greatest league in America.” Read the whole story here. In case you were concerned, the science in the upcoming film, , is accurate.

On top of that, the Court has also ruled that the data exported from New Zealand by the FBI (via copying) was also illegally obtained.

Things just got a lot messier for all the prosecutors involved.

“University of Minnesota physics professor Jim Kakalios was the official science consultant on the film and gave the filmmakers the scientific basis for wall crawling and the tensile strength of spiders webbing.

The sisters tell EOnline they’re working with author Maya Sloane on a science-fiction book set 200 years in the future, and are hoping to create a popular series in the same vein as .The film’s prop master, Andy Siegel, needed a mathematical expression that would be distinctive and memorable so that the audience would recognize it at various points throughout the film.