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24-Jun-2019 05:44

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There are two types of debt consolidation loan: Debt consolidation loans that are secured against your home are sometimes called homeowner loans.You might be offered a secured loan if you owe a lot of money or if you have a poor credit history.Meanwhile, you can purchase an annuity with super and/or ordinary savings, but generally you can't access your super until you reach preservation age, which will be between 55 and 60, depending on when you were born.It is possible that your eligibility for the Age Pension could be affected depending on the type of annuity you choose.Taking your super as a lump sum can be tempting however it won’t be the best option for everyone and there may be tax implications to consider if you withdraw it under age 60.You need to think about whether you’re going to spend or invest this money, and what you’ll live on if you have minimal or no super left.

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Do note however that certain types of annuities will receive favourable treatment under the Centrelink income test, so it's worth looking into.

For a lot of Australians, superannuation is a major source of income in retirement, next to the government’s Age Pension, if you’re eligible for it.

For this reason, what you do with your super savings will require some serious thought, particularly with many Australians looking at a retirement of 30 years or more.

The payments you receive depend on factors, such as the amount you put in and actuarial calculations, which look at economic and demographic assumptions to estimate future liabilities.

Generally, annuities are a secure option, as they provide a guaranteed income in retirement, regardless of what’s happening in financial markets.

Returns are tied to movements in investment markets.

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