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Surprised by this turn of events Neil doesn’t hesitate to take an advantage of it as he takes his clothes off and let the girls to perform their duties. Stacey is teaching class in male anatomy when she gets called away to Pure Cfnm Superior’s office.

The naughty schoolgirls are left by themselves to study diagrams of male penises when Jody appears with a package of frogs for biology class which they will have later. They pull him into the middle of the room and start to undo his clothes asking if they can see his penis?

The screen shot taken from FULL MOVIE Emma is furious and both women start arguing over his dick.

Then they decide to take turns stroking Nick to find out who is better.

The girls are furious at first but then, after realizing that they may as well have fun for themselves with both guys, they come out with a plan. Even though the odds are not in the guys favor the two agree with anticipation to see girls clothes come off at the lighting speed.These days more and more people go on femdom dates to satisfy their cravings for domination and humiliation.This out of the world experience of getting dominatied by a powerful lady has never been so attainable before.Jan is impressed at what a handsome guy he turned out into after not seeing him for many years.

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Wendy leaves and two of them stay alone, as Jan ‘accidentally’ spills her drink on his pants.They like what they see and enjoy playing with their new office toy, Jools even lifts her skirt up again to give him some encouragement and get even harder erection.