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The oddest bit of information during all of this is that Jason has taken to calling Bethenny “Bernadette,” which is the name of Bethenny’s estranged mother. The scene is when Bethenny leaves the room to rejoin the others and she’s clearly been crying.Luann does the humane thing and apologizes if she upset Bethenny because she thought that her divorce was final and she had gotten away from all of the drama that Jason hath wrought.Sonja fills it up with her gas, Ramona spills things all over the cushions of the chairs, and Carole, well, she’s trying to suffocate everyone with the skills she learned in Brownies.While I don’t doubt that Carole can build a good fire, trying to kill everyone with excess smoke is not part of that plan.She didn’t know what was happening up on Dorinda’s roof.

While Carole fills everyone in on the fact that her ex Jason has been sending her awful emails and harassing her new boyfriend, Dennis, Bethenny collapses in the other room and cries where no one but the camera and millions of Americans could possibly see her.Not only is Bethenny taking out her mistakes with Jason on her, Ramona is also reliving her humiliation at the hands of Mario as well. She’s the kind of human who can only see things through the prism of herself.

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