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As he was getting slam-fucked, every thrust was created magnificent wails, moans, and pleas coming from him. He kept getting it right up until the bitter end, and even with the lining of his fuck hole coated in cum, the drilling didn’t stop just yet. Santa’s not the only one who knows who has been naughty and who’s been nice. I got two unrelated calls from my previous acquaintances. Not that chiselled beauty, Gaul, is in any way less appreciative of cock, of course – he’s soon hungrily slurping on his mate’s hard shaft in return, after all.

I am sure you remember at least one of them very well. When he finally undressed, my jaw just dropped on the floor. But it’s unquestionably Owen who gives the most enthusiastic display of oral dexterity, taking Gaul’s shaft right to the root without so much as a hint of a gag; before both lads sidle up to enjoy a keen session of 69-ing, which in this instance involves Owen gobbling away at his pal’s ball-sac, whilst Gaul fingers and rims arse in preparation for the main event.

He’s only 26, but this 6’3” stud has a lot to be thankful for…

Because this jerk-off was such a lazy-ass on top of his infractions, we decided to go extra rough on him. He gets throat fucked and his ass pounded into oblivion.

My partner Honza told me that he was one of the cutest guys he ever had. Partially because of his enthusiasm but mainly because of his sweet face and lean body. Indeed, it’s not too long before Owen’s appetite for cock has him literally plonked down on Gaul’s lap and riding his buddy’s hard shaft for all he’s worth – his own stiff shaft freely bouncing up and down as he does so.

Of course he was older now and therefore I was even more curious how he would look like. It’s almost tradition to hunt at the Christmas markets so I told them all to meet me there. One of the boys had a flat rented nearby so we went there to have a party. Quite a few asses got drilled 🙂 I like when young people have passion for what they do or would like to do. He spent four years at school learning how to cook properly and now wanted to put the knowledge into a good use. It’s a sight that’s surely set to thrill an entire sector of our fanbase; and the rip-roaring session of hardcore fornication that follows is almost certain to have guys across the globe choking their own monkey in sweet appreciation.

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Its video quality ranked among the best of the models we tested, plus it’s compact and easy to use.Asher, Deacon, Dillan, Jack, Lane and Malcolm couldn’t get enough of each other, so this is part one of this intense orgy! After almost 5 long years, Sean Duran has returned to the studio to trick a straight guy.

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