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We see, on the other hand, that as political revo- lutions give rise to new interest and idioms, and the spirit of improvement is continually extending the range of discovery, the mutual relation between the different parts of the globe occupies a wider space, and becomes more important.

The means of intellectual improvement are also very much increased by a knowledge of languages.

"He that shortens the road to knowledge, lengthens life." — Colton. For a long time have I laboured to facilitate the acqui- sition of my native language to this great nation.

Your friendly counsels have often re-animated my ardour, when almost exhausted by continued efforts; and, in this last production, your kind suggestions have frequently guided me in the arduous task. Could its success correspond with my in- tentions, it might prove a worthy testimonial of the regard, with which I remain, Sir, Your obedient, Humble servant, MARIANO CUBI I SOLER. " The author has shown much ability, both in regard to the methodi- cal arrangement of his materials, and the clear expositions he has given of the principles and difficulties in the grammatical construction of the language.

The author of this work has recently published a * fourth edition of his SPANISH GRAMMAR. His views are well explained in the Preface, from which it is evident that he has studied the subject with care, and gained much practical knowledge from experience.

Of this Grammar the North American Review, the Baltimore Gazette, and the United States Literary Gazette, have spoken in the following terms. In the full conjugations and copious list of irregular verbs, and in the illustration of all the rules of syntax by explanations, remarks, and well chosen examples, this Grammar is decidedly superior to any we have seen.

This plan has been first applied to the Spanish, this being the language of more immediate importance to this extensive community.

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That terrible crux to all beginners the different uses of the verbs ser and edar, the author has laboured with earnestness and ingenuity to remove.

He who, five hundred years since, to become an orator, could only resort to a Demos- thenes or a Cicero, has now, in addition, a Burke and a Pitt — a Bossuet and a Massillon — a Granada and a Leon.

In the same manner, the merchant, whose speculations were confined within the narrow limits of his city, or of his coun- try, may now carry them to the extremities of a world, at that time, unknown.

In every point of view, this work may be looked upon as by far the best now before the public for the useful purposes for which it is intended." From the United Stales Literary Gazette. Cubi has made many important additions and improvements in his second edition, which give evidence of much care and exertion ; and we cheerfully recommend it to all, who are desirous of obtaining a thorough knowledge of the Spanish language." PREFACE.* In proportion as mankind advance towards refinement and elegance, the study of languages appears to become more useful and necessary.

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Many of the sciences owe their origin to the ancients, and a great part of the most sublime existing literature has been handed down to us from the remotest periods.

He will, notwithstanding, explain the nature and arrangement of his labours, that some conclusions may be formed concerning their practical utility.