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But this explanation begs the question: If there is a purposeful creation, and every facet of human life and activity are pre-planned, then the "ten" fingers are also part of that plan.It means that God intended the number system to be "ten." Why?A type of presentation where we can perceive bits and pieces, but not the connection between them, is pointless.We then come to the third possibility which is "ten." Ten consists of component pieces that may be seen as separate entities, and yet they add up to an entire group of "ten." Or better said, ten is the "one" that consists of components.And even if the number system is built on ten bases, why is that the amount of Sefirot?The Maharal, a 16th century mystic/philosopher offers an explanation.On the other hand, no matter how many fractions we are capable of identifying, there is always a thread that allows us to understand how these various disparate elements converge to form the overriding unified picture, which is the "true" picture.

This is usually explained as a result of our having ten fingers, the natural extent of primitive men’s digits.We may understand particular moves of his but there is no overall picture to perceive.Since God is One, this would be a false perception.Although he really explains why God used "ten" utterances with which to create the world, the answer really fits the idea of Ten Sefirot, which are identical to the ten utterances.

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God could have created the world with either one utterance ("sefira" in Hebrew), a few utterances (or sefirot), or ten utterances. If God had used one utterance, it would mean that there is no way for us to analyze the world into component units.

According to court documents obtained by KOIN 6, Martinez has a lengthy arrest record dating back to 2003.