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Among the odious rituals Hef's girlfriends were expected to participate in regularly, Madison writes, was the "bedroom routine." After twice weekly drug- and alcohol-fueled club nights in Los Angeles, Hef's girlfriends and whoever else they could recruit to join them, would gather for what can perhaps only loosely be described as group sex.According to Madison (and some details have been echoed by other former girlfriends), the ritual would begin with them putting on matching pink flannel pajamas.He was always playing games and going back and forth between the girls with different stories of what they supposedly said, playing the girls off each other. It makes sense if you think about it, because if he's dating seven girls, he doesn't want it to be seven girls against him.There was one time when, right after I moved in, a bunch of the girls decided that they didn't feel like going out that night so they all banded together and said, "Hef, we don't feel like going out tonight," and there was nothing he could say.

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I would say that after [ Did you ever see anyone just run out either before or during the bedroom routine?

You needed to find a new place to live because you were losing your apartment, but at the same time, why did you do that if you felt "ashamed," as you wrote, of your sexual encounter with him?

Because I felt like I made a really big mistake that night and I wasn't going to just have done that and not get what I wanted out of the situation.

And over the years, now that I have a little bit more hindsight between then and now and I've grown and have something to share, I finally think it's the right time.

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and they'd come up to me and say things like, "Don't you miss the mansion?, put a rosy facade on that experience, which she shared over the course of five seasons with Hef's other girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt (he whittled down from seven to three for the show).