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The Church's role in the feudal system was quite ironic.

Not only didn't the Church fight this injustice, the Church helped to create it, and profited handsomely from it.

It's not by accident that the pope (from the Latin papa or "father") was called pontiff (from pontifex maximus or "chief priest") ― a title previously reserved for the Roman emperor.

Today we remember the period of time when the Church ruled Western Europe with an iron hand as the "Dark Ages," although more charitable historians will call it the "Middle Ages." Feudalism With its well-organized bureaucracy, the Church found itself assuming a position of paramount importance in the evolution of feudalism in European society.

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But when it began to crumble, Rome began to assert itself. However, before we can discuss the Crusades and how they impacted the Jews, we must first set the stage and go back in history.

Ever since the 4th century, the Western (Rome-based) Empire had been shrinking considerably, thanks to the Goths and Franks. The resulting vacuum in the economic, legal and administrative infrastructure led to a state of chaos.

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